Organizing Fishing Tackle for Your Boat

This video is a example of how to organizing and pack fishing tackle to take out on your boat. This video has some great tips on what to take offshore fishing such a pre-made rigs, rig making materials and tools needed offshore.

Tips on Catching Big Yellowfin Tuna

Sharing a few fishing tips on how to catch the big ones. While sharing that I hope to point out a couple of safety concerns while catching big fish.

How to Make Boilies for Carp Fishing: Equipment, Ingredients and Process

Catching carp on bait that you’ve rolled yourself is a very exciting part of carp fishing and very rewarding. Rolling your own carp bait can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. In this article I’m going to take you through the equipment and process I have used to make Blue Oyster boilies using Nutrabaits’ base mix and liquid.

Fly Fishing Colorado’s Wilderness Areas: Tips and Techniques

Colorado’s high country wilderness areas offer incredible fly fishing opportunities for adventurous anglers. Here are the techniques that our guides recommend for fishing these waters successfully.

Shopping for the Basics at Fishing Stores

Fishing stores sell basic items that are needed for fishing trips. Some of the basic items that need to be purchased for your tackle box include extra lines, bobbers, plastic worms and lures.

The Art of Fishing – Is It or Is It Not!

The Art of Fishing. Is it or is it not. Many will dispute this. Some will say fishing is all about luck, others will strongly disagree quoting that fishing requires a great degree of skill.

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