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Factors To Consider When Buying A Baitcasting Reel

A baitcasting reel is an important device to any angler. The device provides you with many benefits such as giving you more control of your casts. You also have more control over the motion of your lures. For you to reap these benefits you need to be cautious of the unit that you purchase. To help you out here are the factors that you should consider when buying a baitcasting reel:

Fish Tales – The Sequel

Similar to lost footage scenes from the movie classic “Deliverance”. A humorous look back at a Memorial Day Weekend camping trip.

Fishermen Don’t Lie, Go Ask A Fish

You know how your fishing buddy will say “He was this big!” while describing the latest trophy fish that he caught, his hand-scale getting further apart the longer the story goes on. Well, I’ve got a few whoppers of my own.

Spear Fishing & Sharks

Spear fishing and sharks sometimes interact underwater due to the practices of the spear fisher. If common sense is used then shark attacks can be avoided or at least the incidences can be reduced significantly.

What You Need To Know About Fishing Charters

Fishing charters are fishing services provided by a number of boat owners. The boat owners allow both fishing and non-fishing enthusiasts to board their boats and have an experience on the water. The fishing enthusiasts fish while the non-fishing enthusiasts watch whales, dolphins or simply enjoy the large water bodies.

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