Kastking Royale Legend Review

I ordered the kastking reel and it came in less than two weeks from China , and boy i am impressed 🎣🎣🎣🎣

Top Five Braided Fishing Lines

Braided fishing lines are popular with fishermen because they are thinner and more durable than traditional mono lines. They are used in many specialty situations where a stronger, more visible or even less visible line option is needed. They are commonly used on both baitcasting and spinning reels.

Tips To Use When Spinner Fishing For Trout

Now that spring is upon us and the trout fishing season has begun it seems that everyone and their brother is headed out to spend a day or two fishing for trout. This article outlines some helpful tips to use when spinner fishing for trout.

Fishing By The Moon – Does It Increase Your Catch?

I know that the one thing fisherman dream of is getting the big fish and if not the biggest then lots of fish. Avid fisherman go all out. But what if you were a provider of food for your home? How important then would it be to know when the best time to catch fish is? Not many of us fish to provide substance for our families anymore, but folklore has passed down over the years some ideas to bring in a better catch of fish. So I investigated.

Fishing In Torquay

An article providing useful information on fishing for tourists visiting Torquay. The article suggests where is great for fishing in Torquay and which day trips can also be taken.

Is Your Tackle Bag Full? Make Sure You Have These Top 10 Items

A tackle bag is an integral part of your fishing gear and what you put in it is just as important. Read on for ten must haves on your next fishing trip.

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