Beach fishing South Wales

Well I decided to meet some lads that fish for a club called odessey sea angling club, and what a cracking bunch they are .. one lad wasn’t from the club but joined in with the filming and we all had a cracking day .. dogfish , bullhuss and codling were caught.. a big thankyou for the fast delivery of bait from hazel at Hookers baits 👍🏻

2012 Maumee River Walleye Run Safety Tips

I remember how long it took me, to gain enough confidence in my knowledge, to go fishing alone. Looking back, that was a lot of time that I wasted, not getting to enjoy the peaceful, serene solitude of communing with nature.

Make Fishing Your New Hobby

Fishing tackle is a phrase that is used in place of any gear that is related to fishing. For example, fishing tackle could mean your boots, pole, bait, etc. You can find fishing tackle in nearly every sporting goods store. If you are new to fishing, it is important that you research the different types of fishing tackle so that you can purchase the required material to get started on pursuing your new hobby.

Choosing Between the Popular Types and Brands of New and Used Bass Boats

When shopping for new and used bass boats, knowing the top brands and models to look for can help to narrow down and compare the many options available. The companies that have been around a while know what it takes to make a quality fishing boat with all the options and features that fisherman require when out on the water. Some of the top brands include Ranger, Triton, Bass Tracker, and Skeeter.

Fly Fishing the Flats – From a Kayak

Novice kayak fishermen make many mistakes when pursuing their pastime. Learn from this veteran kayak fisherman’s simple, direct approach to fly fishing shallow water from a kayak.

13 Time Saving Fishing Tips for Lucky Anglers

Lucky anglers get that way because they operate efficiently. They recognize opportunities and act decisively when one presents itself. Let’s take a look at 13 tips that when incorporated into you everyday angling routine will make you one of the lucky ones.

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