Offshore Fishing Swivel Knot

This is the offshore fishing swivel knot used to connect a swivel to the double line loop made in your main line fishing leader.

Marlin Fishing Disasters

Catching a really big fish can be very dangerous and even life threatening. I will point out some of these dangers in some true stories of disaster while marlin fishing.

Exploring the Realm of Spearfishing

From something that was merely a means of providing sustenance, spearfishing has evolved into one of the most competitive extreme sports in the world. The challenge of being able to catch large, elusive game fish is perhaps what makes people inclined to join the ranks of experienced spearos. Read on to discover how to enter this realm and see if more than just a fair share of adventure is for you.

How To Fish With Worms – Tips For Catching More Fish

One of the most popular and effective baits that there is to catch almost any species of freshwater fish is the worm, and as a person who has been using various manifestations of fishing worms as bait for more than a quarter of a century, I can tell you first hand just how effective worms are as bait. The funny thing about worms and fishing is that many anglers don’t know how to fish with worms in the most effective and efficient way possible and it ends up costing them bites from hungry fish. Below I…

Fishing Trips Article

Australia is a fishing paradise, full of rivers, streams, billabongs, lakes and of course, the open ocean. There is excellent fishing to be had in each of its territories, though a few destinations do stand out. The first is Darwin in the Northern Territories. Situated on the northern tip of the country, Darwin is adjacent to the sheltered Cullen Bay, and is also just off the coast of the Timor Sea. Bluewater reef and game fishing charter boats can be found in this area, with excursions lasting anywhere from half a day to a few days. Fish commonly caught on Darwin fishing trips include the Golden Snapper, Black Jewfish and Spanish Mackerel, all of which are present year round.

Top Western Fly Fishing Rivers

When it comes to top fly fishing rivers, it is very hard to compete with the many rivers that the western part of the United States has to offer. Compiling a list of the great fly fishing rivers in the western part of the United States would take forever, as nearly every river in the west is chalk full of fish that are just waiting to pounce on a perfectly thrown fly.

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