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Fishing for Kings in South Mississippi

Every year a group of large, voracious, and opportunistic carnivores swarm through the waters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Known as Kingfish, Kings, Scomberomorus cavalla, or King Mackerel, these sleek torpedoes are one of the best game fish found in the 228 area code.

Fly Fishing for Beginners – Where to Begin

Read a biased, yet humorous look at the approaches to learning fly fishing. Written of course by a fly fishing bum who has tried all the methods.

How to Be Ready to Handline-Fish in a Jiffy

Fishing need not be a whole epic-size activity, where you must prepare and take along all the gadgets and gizmos to enjoy. Snap-of-the-time fishing, such as while you stop by a riverbank to rest from your trip, is just as enjoyable. You can do this by making always ready a handline set of a line spooled in a small reel, with a few pieces of hooks as spares, and maybe a lure or two. Below is the longer explanation of how this could be done. Enjoy your passion any time. A few minutes of it can be as relaxing as hours in s spa.

Save Money – Make Your Own Lures

The title helps a lot. Save money, make your own lures. Fun versus the expense of buying tackle.

Best Baits for River Smallmouth

If you’ve never had the pleasure, one of the best places to catch a smallmouth bass is in the flowing water of a river or stream, and below I will draw upon my more than two decades of experience to outline a few of the best baits to use for river smallmouth. These beautiful, hard fighting fish, are a challenge to land anywhere, but when you add a factor such as the current of a river, landing a decent sized bronze back can be as enjoyable and challenging as this thing known as “fishing” gets. The following…

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