2015 Ascend FS12T First ride on the kayak/ Fishing Episode #2

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2015 Ascend FS12T First ride on the kayak/ Fishing Episode #2

Out for my first ride on the Ascend FS12T. Catching tons of panfish.

Utilize Both Ends of the Fishing Line When Bait Cast Fishing

Maximum utilization of the fishing line is practical and cost-efficient. Benefits include saving money and the satisfaction of knowing that what was purchased was used to its fullest before being discarded.

What Do Rainbow Trout Bite On?

This article outlines some of the baits that rainbow trout bite on. Make sure that you have one or all of them available on your next rainbow trout fishing trip.

Finding The Best Fishing Lures

Fishing gear and accessories has evolved along with the development of the bass fishing industry which has brought about a variety of lures specifically used for different fish. There are many types or class of lures and they all depend on what type of fish works for them. Many only work for specific types but some cover a wide range of species of fish. Some known typical lures used for fishing are shown below.

Fall Fishing Tips – Tactics That Will Help You Catch More Fishing This Fall

Of all of the fishing seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter one of them stands out about all others as far as productivity, scenery, weather, and water conditions are concerned and that season is the fall. As a person who has been a fisherman for more than a quarter of a century and has fished for all manners of freshwater fish at one time or another, I have learned that when it comes to fishing, the fall fishing season simply can’t be beat. In this article I will outline a few tactics that have helped me…

Fishing Worms – How to Hook A Worm So That You Can Catch More Fish

If you use fishing worms of any kind, especially live fishing worms, this article is for you. Great tips and tricks that will help you catch more fish.

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