The Super Fluke – Soft Bait Bass Fishing Lure

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The original Fluke resembles a universal baitfish profile better than anything the competition can offer. Put in on a dropshot, a shakey head, a belly-weighted hook or even a castable umbrella rig and choose among the wealth of available colors to match the prevailing forage. The ultimate soft plastic

How to Catch Any Fish – Dorado (Mahi Mahi, Dolphinfish)

This article provides specific and helpful advice on how to catch Dorado with both baits and lures. These are also known as mahi mahi or dolphinfish.

How to Catch Any Fish – Roosterfish

The Roosterfish is one of the most unique looking fish in the ocean. It’s distinctive feathery dorsal fins give it away as it slashes through the water hunting down baitfish. It generally feeds not far from shore, sometimes almost beaching itself as it chases baitfish in the surf.

How To Catch Any Fish – Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda live in tropical areas all around the world. When they are small they tend to live in shallow bays and other nearshore areas. As they get larger they tend to move out to reefs and wrecks farther offshore.

How to Catch Any Fish – Tarpon

Tarpon (also known as “The Silver King” or “Sabalo” in Spanish) are a majestic fish that deserves entire books written about it, not just this woefully inadequate website summary. The Tarpon grows to over 7 ft in length and over 300 lb and is generally found close to shore, making it one of the larger fish that someone can target without a big boat.

Fishing In Space Colonies and Off Worlds Just Got a Boost

Over the years, I’ve written quite a bit about sports in space, almost from a Sci Fi type approach to the topic. Mainly because, well we don’t for sure have any idea which sports will survive off-world, or which sports the space colonists will choose to play or even be able to play in their current form. I envision some of the current sports being modified in various ways so they can still be enjoyed in space.

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