Catching sand smelt with lure gear

So a trip down the local docks for a 2 hour
Session to try for some smelt that are always hanging round the edges 👍🏻
I met up with a Facebook friend Called matt fitt.. we ended up with just over 20 .. brilliant fun on lure gear

Fishing – The Basics of Fishing a Free Stone River

Fishing a Free Stone River, or pocket water takes a specialized technique to produce a consistent result of a fish on the end of the line. This article will discuss fishing with bait, lures, and flies in difficult water.

Paddling for Trout

A quick start guide for kayak and SUP trolling for trout. How to get started, know what color and finish for your lure and more.

Line Fishing Techniques Part 1

Line fishing falls under a fishing technique know as angling. Angling is a method of fishing by using a hook, or “angle”. There are many different techniques to angling, but common to most is that the hook is usually attached to a line, and can be weighted down by a sinker to keep it below the surface of the water.

Fishing For Blue Marlin

Many consider blue marlin fishing to be the pinnacle of offshore game fishing. The marlin offers experienced fisherman the size, strength, and power that few other species can.

Bass Fishing – The Greater The Knowledge The Bigger The Fish

Why is it so important to have a vast knowledge in your head about bass fishing? That’s easy, to catch more and bigger bass! Are you catching fewer fish on every trip, do you ever wonder if the bait you are using is really enticing or could it be that your choice of locations to catch the big boy be the wrong?

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