Lrf Fishing for blennys and gobies

A few hours before dark in the gobies and blennies

How To Catch Smallmouth Bass While Wading in a River

If you enjoy wading and catching fish, wading for small mouth bass is definitely something that you need to do. Not only is this fishing technique fun, it is also quite effective. This article outlines how to catch smallmouth bass while wading.

1 Bass Fishing Method That Has Worked Well For Me Many Times

Bass fishing during the Spring can be a wonderfully exciting activity. In this article I will explain a method I use to catch fish. No guarantees that it will work for you but it has worked well for me when other techniques didn’t. I hope you have great success with it as I have.

5 Advantages And 4 Disadvantages – Owning A Trolling Motor

If you are new to the exciting world of boating and fishing and wish to go a step into the future by using a trolling motor, first take some time to study the pro’s and cons of owning one. With the huge range of variations and features available, you can customise your set up to exactly suit your needs. Now go and get that prize fish.

Why I Love Fishing South Africa

Fishing in South Africa is great and with the natural scenery and immense number of fish species that you can catch, it’s every angler’s dream fishing destination. To share this with a friend or a loved one will make your experience complete and fulfilling.

How To Catch More Fish (Beginner Tips)

Good advice on improving your catches on those off fishing days when things aren’t going so well. Slowing down your line retrieval or getting your baits into tricky spots can work well to entice fat fish to hit hard and often.

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