Shore fishing – rock fishing for wrasse part 2

Well the bass were biting but I just couldn’t hook one up .. however remi and myself went on a quest for some wrasse and I nailed 9 … and remi had a nice one also 👍🏻

Fly Fishing Elevenmile Canyon on the South Platte River in Colorado

Elevenmile Canyon is a fly fisherman’s paradise. Stunning vistas and hungry trout attract visitors from around the world. Elevenmile Canyon is a gold medal stretch of the South Platte River in Colorado.

The Fly Fishing Basics You Need to Know

If you want to learn how to be skilled at fly fishing then you need to know the basics. Once you do, then its up to you to get on the water and practice. You know what they say, “practice makes perfect”.

Be Prepared If You Are Going Night Fishing

Fishing is fun no matter what time it is but even then, there is something about fishing at night that is so inviting. In all the excitement we must not overlook the fact that night fishing is way risky than day fishing and you need to take extra precautions.

Alaskan Fishing – Try It For Yourself

The dream fishing trip can happen. Mine happened during a recent fishing trip to Alaska. Everyone owes it to them-self to try this out.

Fly Fishing for Carp on the South Platte River

Fly Fishing for Carp on the South Platte River can be an adrenaline rush! This “poor man’s bonefish” is in the backyard of all fly fishers. This article discusses fly fishing the South Platte River for carp.

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