Lure fishing at bracelet bay Swansea

Well I went to a shop and got advised by a friend of mine to try sluggo lures .. so I picked some up and ….WOW they are incredible.. Shame I blanked but I put that down to water clarity and may weed starting to show .. well that’s my excuse 👍🏻😂

Good News for Those Who Prefer Still Fishing

What about all you fish folks out there who may not be able to cast that flimsy fly eighty feet with pin point accuracy? How about those who cannot identify every fly hatching on the water, or tell the difference between a skwala, salmonfly, or caddis? I’ve got good news for you who may not know the language or complexities of fly fishing.

What’s the Best Bait For Trout?

Among trout fishermen there is probably no subject that gets debated more often than the best bait to use for trout. I have been fishing for these beautiful fish for more than twenty years and have found that a question that I am most often asked is, “what are they biting on?” Although the answer to this question obviously varies depending on the type of bait that is being used, there are some simple rules that every trout fisherman can employ that will enable them to answer the question of what’s the best bait for trout on a given day…

Tips For Purchasing A Fish Finder

If you are looking to purchase a fish finder then your choice is going to be heavily dictated by one thing, and that is price. Once you establish what you are willing to spend on a fish finder, you can start looking at which types of models are within that price range, and what types of features you will be benefiting from. Something that you need to establish from the outset is that out of the various features that you find on fish finders, some will actually assist you in catching more fish, whilst others are sheer gimmick.

Winter Fishing in NC Centers on Trout, Walleye

Winter is usually not a good time to go fishing for freshwater species in North Carolina. The reasons are many. The main one is because (duh) is it’s too cold.

A Costa Rica Fishing Tale

Certain things in life remain in your memory forever – your first kiss, the birth of a child, and an unbelievable day of Costa Rica fishing. Many Costa Rica fishing anglers have great days, some even more so, but let me tell you about a fantastic day off the Quepos fishing waters.

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