Christmas Gifts for Fishermen–O.RIYA I Love You Hand Stamped Lure

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Gifts for fishermen and outdoorsmen in Alaska recommended by Fish Alaska Magazine. … And when that happens, good foul-weather gear is critical.
Nov 21, 2013 – Best Fly Fishing Xmas Gifts List hand picked by Gink & Gasoline to help … great value and they’re probably a piece of gear most fly fisherman …
Gag Gifts for Fisherman. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or just for fun! You will “reel in the laughs” with these gags and gifts for the fishing lovers on your list.
Oct 15, 2016 – The carry case built of heavy duty grade and high tech polyester is one of the great gift fishermen would love. It can easily hold 5 rods and reels …
Dec 23, 2014 – Angler’s Mail suggests some great Christmas gifts for anglers – and … If that angler is YOU, or you have a fisherman to buy for, you have our …
May 4, 2011 – Searching for gifts for dad, gifts for husband, or gifts for boyfriend? Get him something he’d really like – not something you’d like for him to have.
Nov 14, 2013 – It’s likely they have their eye on a new and improved piece of fishing equipment. The Christmas gift ideas for fishermen listed below make it …
Items 1 – 26 of 26 – While there is no better gift than a day off on the lake or sea for the aspiring fisherman, we are pretty sure a gift equivalent (almost) will carve a …
Dec 15, 2015 – Top 5 Reasons Why the iBobber Makes an Epic Christmas Gift … alike enjoy sport fishing, which makes the iBobber an ideal gift for anyone.
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It is total myth that anglers are difficult to buy for, but it can be difficult for the non-angler know what may be needed by those whom seem to have everything in …

The 3 Biggest Enemies to a Successful Day Drift Fishing

As a person who enjoys drift fishing immensely, I realized the other day on a fishing outing engaging in this very practice, that there are certain things that can really “put a crimp” in a successful day on the water when using this particular fishing technique, and an idea for a new article was born. I have spent the last twenty five or so years “drift fishing” for various species of fish from trout to large and small mouth bass and below I outline the 3 biggest enemies to a successful day drift fishing.

Top Five Okuma Baitcasting Reels

Do you enjoy fishing outdoors with friends and family? Do you also enjoy using baitcasting reels as your main tool in order to catch those big fish? Well in this article we’ll discuss the top give okuma baitcasting reels and help you decided which one would be the best choice for all of your fishing needs.

Lake Nipissing Fishing – How to Catch the Most Popular Species

Lake Nipissing is known as one of the best fishing lakes in all of Ontario. Due to its large size and relatively shallow depth it offers a very strong and diverse fishery. The most popular fish species targeted by anglers are Walleye (Pickerel), Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Muskies (Muskellunge). Each of these fish species will be attracted to different lures, bait and presentations so it’s important to be aware of their preferences.

How to Surf Fish and Some of What You Will Need

Surf Fishing is fishing off the bank or beach. Standing on the shoreline or wading the surf. Surf fishing refer to all kinds of shore fishing. – from sandy and rocky beaches, rock jetties or fishing piers. With a few exceptions, surf fishing is usually done in salt water. Surf fishing is usually done at night to follow the feeding habits of many different types of fish.

Fishing, Camping, Boating and 4wd – How Forums Hold the Best Information for Your Next Trip

The joys of the outdoors… open clean air, beautiful views, relaxing quiet and the amazing sights you see. When someone says “outdoors” to me, I do not simply think of going outside for a walk, or sitting in the garden with a cup of tea. To me, outdoors is fishing, camping, boating or getting the rusty 4WD out for a drive through some tracks. Now when I am indoors, I need a place to talk about fishing trips, plan boating GPS marks, find places to camp and even the 4WD tracks to get there.

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