The mystery fish

Well I fished a estuary/river this morning and I had around 20 cracking bites .they were hard bites but shy takes .. I even had to cut the excess tail off the hooked worms so they couldn’t bite and take away just the tail ..but i managed to get a small flounder and an eel , all were returned safely… but were these the fish that gave me some cracking bites… what do you think !!
Bass, mullet , let me know your thoughts

A Little More Information About Fishing in Colorado

Fishing is the sport and hobby of a gentleman. Yes, this is one hobby that people like to enjoy at their own pace, lazily enjoying not just this activity but also the serenity of nature. There is hardly any man who does not enjoy fishing.

Problems That May Occur With Hummingbird Fish Finders

Do you own a Hummingbird fish finder? In that case, this article will tell you about a few inconveniences that your Hummingbird fish finder may encounter, and provide solutions if possible.

The Milltown Dam and the Clark Fork River – An Amazing Story of Renewal

William A. Clark, a copper mining tycoon, in 1908 built an earth filled gravity type dam at the confluence of the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers near Bonner some 10 miles East of Missoula, Montana. Its purpose was to supply hydroelectric power for his sawmills.

Top 3 Fishing Vests and Chest Packs For Under $70

For many years, anglers have searched for the best equipment to make their fishing trips more enjoyable and successful. One of the items which has been an important piece of gear for the angler has been fishing vests. In this article we will highlight the top 3 fishing vests for under $70.

Surprise, I Hooked It All Along!

There was always one thing I struggled with, as I grew into a fisherman; tying the hook to the line. I was never fortunate enough to have a mentor with my hobby, I had to learn everything for myself. I pulled my own bait from the ground before each trip, fished with a $10 Walmart special using the line that came with it and took a bucket with me to bring my catch(es) back home.

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