Lure fishing mumbles in Swansea

Well I will warn you I am a real angler and I publish whatever happens in my…. enjoy the beautiful blank 😂

Blue Marlin Fishing With Fishing Charters

If you consider yourself to be an avid fishermen, at some point in your life you will want to visit Panama. Panama offers some of the best sport fishing anywhere in the world. For many years, anglers have come from all over the globe for blue marlin fishing in the picturesque, blue waters of Panama.

Crappie Jig Manufacturers

There are hundreds of crappie jig manufactures out there but there are only five that really matter to in most fishermen’s eyes and they are; Bass Pro, Uncle Bucks, Quikset, B “n” M, and Northland Fishing Tackle. These five manufactures make up the bulk of crappie jigs out there. Bass Pro Bass Pro has its own line of many different products.

What’s in the Organization?

This article speaks about my experiences with-in the tacklebox, why organization of the tacklebox is important and what you should think about when getting started. Keeping your tackle organized can do as little as cleaning up your tacklebox and as much as improving your skills as a fisherman!

In the Caribbean, Deep Sea Fishing Snags Serious Family Fun

The warm and deep waters of the Caribbean Sea offer an abundant offering of big game deep sea fishing opportunities. For a family that thrives on excitement and loves the challenge of a shaky sea and an illusive hunt, the best place for some Caribbean deep sea fishing is in the world-famous waters just off of Puerto Rico.

Crappie Fishing In A Small Pond

Crappies are a fun fish to catch. Most places do not have daily limits for crappie so you can catch dozens and have a fish fry and nobody would mind. Crappie fishing in a small pond gets to be real fun.

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