ROBOT ELECTRIC Fishing Lure Will This ROBOT Lure Catch FISH??? Electric Lure Fishing Challenge!!

Fishing with a Robot Electric Fishing Lure. Electric Fishing Lure challenge. In this bass fishing video we go to a western pennsylvania lake/pond in pittsburgh to catch big fish using this electric charged fishing lure.

Fishing Power Plant Lakes

One interesting fact that many people don’t realize about Texas is that there are relatively few natural lakes in the entire state. However there are hundreds of lakes in the state that have been artificially dammed. The one major lake in Texas that is a natural lake is Lake Caddo in east Texas.

The 3 Weirdest Catfish Species on Earth

Catfish is one of largest families of the fish species on earth. It has almost 3000 species in it. As most catfish species live in freshwater, there are actually a few that are considered saltwater catfish.

Fish Finder Review and How They Are Evolving

Advancements in fishing electronics have changed the way people fish. Sonar and Imaging give the fishermen more advantages than ever. You need to know what is out there, so you can take advantage of your next time on the water.

5 Catfishing Tips You Can Apply Today

I’ve met many people who try to make catfishing look like space physics. I know that you’ve probably met some of them yourself.

Is There a Single Best Bait For Trout Fishing?

When it comes to trout fishing bait the list of choices can be quite extensive, from insects both live and artificial to in line spinners and spoons and even manufactured dough style baits choosing the most effective bait to use when trout fishing can be a challenge. Many anglers wonder if there is a single best bait to use when it comes to trout fishing and in this article I will attempt to answer this question.

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