Best Bass Lure for Every Season!

Best Bass Lure for Every Season
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Similarities Between Fishing and Investing

The article is an attempt to explore the similarities between the game of fishing and the art of investing. It equates the two activities by looking at the nature, characteristics and environments of both areas and concludes by calling readers to learn and participate more in investing.

Tips For Cleaning Your Fly Fishing Gear

Learn some simple yet effective tips to clean your fly fishing gear during the off season. These tips will save your gear and get you back on the water more quickly in the Spring.

Watercraft For Carp Fishing

When I initially started fishing for carp, I actually ignored simple watercraft. I had rigs that I was extremely confident in, casting effectively, and employing baits which I had every confidence in catching on but there were certainly days I turned up blank.

How to Micro-Fish

Micro-Fishing is a popular and growing sport. This article outlines the history, what micro-fishing is and, of course, how to micro-fish.

A Beginners Guide To Bait Fishing

I have personally been catching various species of fish using various forms of bait for more than a quarter of a century and in that time have learned many tips and tricks relating to the types of bait as well as tips and tricks to help me when fishing with bait. When you are new to the world of fishing with bait, getting of on the right foot is of the utmost importance and that is exactly what this simple article will do.

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