Fishing for Thornback rays

Fishing the Cardiff foreshore with some very good friends, bait used was blueys..
On pulley pennels

2012 Maumee River Walleye Run – Gearing Up

You have spent the week scouring your possible honey holes to make certain you can get in and out safely after you have limited. Now, It’s time to make certain that you have the appropriate gear, to haul in your limits. I will point this out right off the git-go, I do not have reels, I have precision casting instruments!…all right, okay, they’re reels.

Winter Carp Boilies And Secret Expert Fishing Bait Tips To Help You Catch Many More Fish!

You are probably expecting to find some kind of bait recommendations and tips you have read elsewhere but this is different! Terry Hearn in a recent Carp World magazine piece wrote about winter baits and carp digestion in such hilariously simplistic terms that this needs answering! So read on and discover vital things about bait that Terry Hearn obviously has yet to learn!

The Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

Any activity that gives you adventure and brings your family together will make us happy. Things liking fishing, driving etc… are a few items which bring a family close and teach each other a lot of other activities.

How To Catch A Big Bass

Want to land that trophy bass during your next tournament? Are you tired of catching small fish or not catching any fish at all? There may be some things that you are not doing or are not doing correctly. Here are some tips and ideas on how to catch a big bass.

Improve Your Catch By Knowing Your Fish

Improve your fishing success by understanding the fish you are trying to catch. Every region and every species of fish in that region might have very different preferences in bait and lures. It is needless to say then that your selection can be the difference between bringing home the catch and bringing home an empty bucket.

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