LRF fishing (Hobbs Point)

Having a quick hour down the local boat slip

How to Choose the Best Among Portable Ice Fishing Shelters

If you are a big fan of ice fishing and it’s a must do activity for you to do every winter, a portable ice fishing shelter should be an important part of your fishing gear. It helps you keep warm and enjoy this great outdoor activity without having to succumb to the biting cold. There are several types of portable shelters available in the market.

How to Catch a Big Kingfish

The Kingfish is the largest member of the mackerel family. And it comes with big teeth, too. Because of those teeth, the fish can be maddeningly hard to catch. Anglers from Texas to Teterboro target a toothy giant mackerel. Here are some suggestions on how to increase your odds of success.

Villefond’s Big 5 Carp List

It has been a real pleasure to watch Villefonds carp grow into some real monsters and it has been discussed for a long time about which fish are going to be the next biggest caught so I decided to compile a list detailing the top 5 to date, as at January 2012; 1.  BIG JOHN Big John is currently considered the lakes largest resident carp even though it was knocked off the top spot back in early 2011 when the number two big fish came out heavier.

Climate Change – How Will It Affect a Carp’s Growth Rate?

Perhaps you’re remembering all the snow England received last winter and thinking is this guy mad? But for our lake owners in France last year when we in Britain were under snow they received just one flurry! In fact one lake, Oakwood only froze for a total of 9 days last winter.

How to Identify Bugs on a Trout Stream

A quick start guide for identifying the bugs found on a trout stream. Where to look and how to identify them. Suggestions on how to choose a fly to match the hatch…

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