Online Fishing Tournament | Fish anywhere! Anytime!

Online Fishing Tournament | Fish anywhere! Anytime!

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Using Worms For Fishing

Almost anyone who has attempted to catch a fish has used fishing worms as bait, but the problem is that most anglers go about using worms for fishing in a way that isn’t as effective as it could be. This article outlines some tips and tricks that makes using live worms for fishing much more effective.

Tips For Fall Trout Fishing

There may be no better or more productive time of the year to fish for trout than the fall. If you have any experience fishing for trout you know that this is a true statement and if you are new to the world of trout fishing you will soon learn that the sentence that began this article is as true as any sentence ever uttered. The bottom line is that the months of September, October, and November offer some of the best trout fishing that there is, not only in numbers of trout caught, but also in the size of…

Canoe and Kayak Fishing – Use An Electric Motor

Fishing from or just cruising about on a canoe or kayak can be just absolute bliss. That is until a strong wind arrives unexpectedly and forces you to exhaust yourself by having to paddle against it. By installing an electric motor you will be able to remain in the “zone” while the motor does all the heavy grunt work, getting you back home or to the next fishing hotspot.

Practice Thumbing Line Control of the Baitcast Reel at Home

If you have a small electric motor and can mount a spool to wind fishing line to it, you have an ideal tool to practice thumbing control of your baitcast reel. Even without it, you can practice thumbing with the help of another person. It is much better to practice line backlash prevention at home than to actually fix backlashes when fishing.

The Best Smallmouth Lures

If you are looking to catch a lot of smallmouth bass, using an effective fishing lure is of the utmost importance. This article outlines some of the best smallmouth bass lures that an angler can use to catch a ton of smallmouth.

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