Gifts For Fishermen That Help You Put More Fish In The Boat

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Fishing floats from Europe, imported direct to the USA from Balzer warehouse in Germany, … Extremely robust cork bobbers are very popular among fishermen.
Gapen Floats & Bobbers are built tough and sensitive to show you the moment the fish takes the bait. The Gapen float offers every angler the ability to present a …
Float & Bead Fishing West Coast Floats … With Clear Drift and West Coast Floats you have the best of both worlds. … Bobber Weights ( 1, 5, 10 Pack ). Used to …
Shop quality Floats, Bobbers & Indicators in our Store at FishUSA. Find top brands, best prices, and great service at America’s Tackle Shop.
Micro fishing floats, to come right down to it, are basically just seriously small bobbers. They are nothing like the red and white plastic bobbers we all used as …
Shop fishing floats and bobbers from DICK’S Sporting Goods. Browse all floats and fishing bobbers in a range of sizes so you know when you get a bite.
Posted by: Captain Woody – Comments Off on Corks – Bobbers – Floats. popping- … Actually they often pertain to a method of fishing used by millions of anglers …
Thill Fish’n Foam Weighted Clip-On Round Floats … Thill Fish’n Foam Slip-Peg Cigar Floats 3-Pack … Eagle Claw® Bobber Stop String Knots with Beads.

3 Tips on Catfishing Tournaments

As you may already know, catfishing is one of the most enjoyable and challenging activities that someone could practice. The reason behind its popularity is that it’s not a seasonal activity. Although there are preferred times for catfishing, you can go catfishing any time of the year.

An Ice Fishing House Is Your Best Defense

There are many times that you might think that your home is your castle, but in this case, your shack can be it. An ice fishing house is a sturdy structure that is designed for hauling out onto frozen lakes. It can be pretty much any dimension as long as the ice below you is strong enough to support it. Not only will it keep you warm while ice fishing, it can also keep your companions warm too. That can be a key factor in deciding if you are going to be fishing solo or with a group.

3 Places Where You Always Find Catfish

There are many factors that determine the success rate of your catfishing. The gear you’re using is probably one of the most important ones among them.

Special Rigs for Catfish

Catfishing rigs are fairly simple and there are many choices available to you. If you are planning to fish for one specific type of catfish, you’ll need to know exactly what size gear is required. One of the most popular rigs is the slip bobber which is effective for catching all three types of catfish, Channels, Flatheads, and Blues.

The Right Ice Fishing Equipment for You

Most people don’t realize the amount of choices that are available to them when it comes to ice fishing equipment. There are choices of clothes depending on the weather, choices of rods or tip ups and even choices of bait, string, shelters and everything else that you could think of.

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