How to bait up with peeler crab

For anyone that doesn’t know how to put fresh peeler crab on your hooks and rigs , here’s one way that I do it for the bass and smoothounds .. well whatever fish wants to take his chances πŸ‘πŸ»
Theres lots of different variations, but for s big crab bait I do love this technique.. tight lines

Fly Fishing High Colorado Lakes: The Trappers Lake

Colorado has a number of high lakes and creeks that are at an elevation of 12,000 feet or even higher and open up mostly for a few months. These places are remote and removed from civilization-there are no roads to travel. Yet, fishing at a height is an altogether different experience.

How to Get Your Family Hooked on Fishing

There are hundreds of thousands of avid fishermen in North America and many of them spend a lot of time dreaming about their next fishing trip. Most fishermen generally go fishing with a couple buddies and often have a few favorite locations. It can often be challenging for them to find a week or weekend for a fishing trip.

Shimano’s Top Five Spinning Reels Revealed

Shimano has some of the best spinning reels available on the market when it comes to a variety of fishing adventures. Five of the top spinning reels are detailed below and what makes them stand out from the rest in the business of fishing whether it be freshwater or saltwater pursuits. The Shimano Stella FD spinning reels are luxury reels which have balanced bodies and magnesium frames that are lightweight and ideal for freshwater fishing.

Successful Walleye Techniques for Summertime

Walleye is by far the most popular freshwater sport fish in Ontario. Many anglers dedicate themselves exclusively to attracting Walleye, whom many consider to be the tastiest freshwater fish around. While they are generally easier to catch during the spring and fall, Walleye can still be had during hot, mid-summer days if you follow a few basic techniques.

Spin Fishing For Trout With Mini Jigs

When it comes to spin fishing for trout one technique that often gets overlooked is fishing with mini jigs. In fact many trout fishermen have never heard of, let alone considered, using jigs as bait for trout. If you are one of these trout fishermen (like I used to be) you need to read this article.

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