Cheeky Fly Fishing – Ambush 375 Reel – Teaser Video

Winter Carp Fishing Stick Mixes And Boosted Homemade Boilie Recipes!

Having been asked by my 1-1 bait tuition clients how to equal and even beat catches by top anglers in winter, part of my answer is improved bait potency! This is not a subject often discussed as it contains many secrets anglers would prefer only those in the know appreciate and use, but bait potency in winter is part of the most effective edges you can exploit in defeating carp wariness and your angling competition – so read on now!

Using Natural Bait For Trout

If you like to use natural bait when fishing for trout such as rainbow trout, this article is for you. Tips and tricks to help you catch more fish.

Picks to Win The 2013 Bassmaster Classic

My three picks to win the 2013 bassmaster classic. The classic is on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokee and will probably be a tough bit unless some warmer temps get the females to move shallower.

White Bass Fishing in Spring

Learn some good tips on a fun trip for you or your family. Also learn some tips and tricks to take advantage of the Spring time White Bass.

Good Smallmouth Baits

In this article I will outline a few good smallmouth bass baits so that you can make sure that you have these baits in your tackle bag or box the next time that you head out in search of smallmouth bass. Smallmouth bass are an incredibly versatile and enjoyable species of fish to catch that are found in many types of water. They are found in lakes and reservoirs as well as in rivers of all sizes and can be fished for in a variety of ways.

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