Dryft Fishing – S13 Adrenaline Wader Review

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How To Make Homemade Carp Boilies For Big Fish For Winter Or Summer Fishing!

You can make your own homemade carp fishing boilies that beat readymade baits with creative thought and key information about carp sensitivities, and making carp boilies and paste or dough baits is very much an art and refined skill. The traditional method of making boilies is to have two parts namely your liquid and your powdered boilie or paste base mixture.

Good Rainbow Trout Baits

This article outlines some good rainbow trout baits. Make sure that you have on (or all) of them available the next time you head out fishing for rainbow trout.

Getting to Know the Speargun

The speargun is one of the necessary pieces of spearfishing gear you need to ensure a successful hunt and as such, you need to understand it quite well, from what it does to the parts that compose it. Knowing the speargun as well as your right hand will also make sure you use it well so read on and get to know what it is that makes it very useful for spearos.

How To Make Homemade Carp Boilies For Winter And Spring Using Secrets Of Kelp!

Bill Cottam the big man at Nutrabaits rates kelp in his top 10 list and this very much relates to the potent power of kelp and its nutritional stimulation in various forms. I have been creating exceptionally nutritionally stimulating homemade baits for long enough to share with you in confidence a few expert secrets on creating very potent recipes so read on and catch more winter and spring big carp now!

Fishing With Live Night Crawlers

If you fish with night crawlers, this article is for you. Tips and tricks that will help you catch more fish.

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