Penn spinfisher review

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Well I decided to rchase another reel , this time I have purchased a Penn spinfisher.
After using the slammer for a while it was almost perfect ..but a tad to heavy …
ENTER this reel .. lighter but with the same attitude… I’m looking forward to fully testing it… But from what I can see so far and reports of friends that have them… It’s looking good

A Basic Guide to Choosing the Best Fishing Kayaks

When searching for the best fishing kayaks for fishing activities, a buyer requires excellent comparison skills and knowledge to ensure rewarding gains. Though the fanatics of the sports possess an advanced intelligence about kayaks and how to use them, there are also ways for novices to gain familiarity. As such, creating this article is elementary to aid kayaking experts, beginners and admirers make wise decisions.

What Spearfishing and Freediving Fins Are Best – Plastic, Fibreglass or Carbon?

How to choose what spearfishing and freediving fins are right for you. What is the difference in features, price and performance for fin blades made of thermoplastic, fibreglass or carbon? Choosing the right footpockets to suit the blades to get the best results from your fins.

5 Fly Fishing Flies for Summer 2012

As a fly shop owner, I get the daily question of what are the top fly fishing flies for that time of year, month, river, etc. These five patterns will put you into fish more often than not this summer – and save you valuable time from searching for that just-so-perfect fly. These flies won’t answer every riddle you encounter on the water this summer they will be great flies to add to your collection and can be fished in many different situations and locales.

Magnificent Australian Marlin Fishing Destinations

Australia has several of the best marlin fishing destinations on offer anywhere. Whether it be late summer fishing at Port Stephens for striped marlin or early fall fishing for giant black marlin off Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, these spots are hard to beat anywhere in the world and put Australian marlin fishing on the map.

Fishing With a Cool Box

When fishing you will want to make sure that you keep your catch fresh. Ensure that you take along a cooler box to keep your fish in a pristine condition. You can achieve this by placing the fish in an ice box containing a mixture of party ice and water (ice slurry). This will chill the fish down very quickly and keep your catch as fresh as possible. It is important that the box be big enough so that the fish is completely covered with the ice slurry. You will probably want to take that big one home whole, so it is important to have a box big enough to accommodate the biggest fish you are likely to catch.

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