How to put a sandeel on a pennel rig

There are lots of different ways to bait a pennel rig with a sandeel , as long as you get the basics right .. e.g. So it doesn’t come of the hook and the hook points are exposed then it’s all about preference and what you find works for you.

The Newest Shimano Cumara Review

I have used several different types of Reaction rods. The Shimano Cumara Reaction rods are so useful as a fishing tool, you’ll surely find one that can improve your catch rate no matter the type of fisherman you are.

How to Fish the Water Column

Getting your lure to the right depth is the key to successful trolling. Use this simple system to fish the productive zone.

How to Stay Warm in Cold Waters

When the fuel in your pickup turns to gel in less than 8 hours you know its cold, but does this stop us? It probably should but doesn’t. So whether its fishing, hunting, bird watching, whatever it is, you need to stay warm.

Fly Fishing Line For Beginners

The most confusing initial step for a beginner fly fisherman is the choosing among the array of tapers in fly lines, each of which is designed for different levels of control or practicality, depending on level of expertise and angling situation. If you are new to fly fishing, there are many brands, qualities, and designs of fly lines to consider. But, in this article let me help you decipher the topic of fly line taper.

Homemade Carp Bait Making For Beginners And Experienced Anglers – Secrets Of Semolina Part 1!

If you are a carp fishing beginner or an experienced bait maker you can always learn something that will make a huge difference to your success! Semolina is one of the most used carp bait ingredients in recipes but why is this? Semolina carbohydrates are utilised for energy, and other roles and nutritional functions too! Semolina is one of the basics of carp baits so find out deeper details on what it is, how it is best used and why carp like it!

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