How to tie anything on your line, (hooks, lures, swivels, and more)

Fishing Isn’t That Challenging Whenever You Have Great Suggestions To Follow

Do you have a wish to learn how to fish, but no one within your social circle to show you? Well, if it has been something you’ve been thinking about then you definitely must be somewhat thinking about the topic.

Fly Fishing Etiquette Part One – An Introduction

Most fly fishers take river etiquette very seriously. I like to think of them like knights of medieval times with their chivalrous codes of honor. They took pride in what they were doing and in the reputation they were upholding.

First Steelhead on the Swing

After spending my first 15 years of fly fishing as a single-handed, mostly trout fisherman, I decided it was time to give spey fishing a try. Many of the people I knew were straight fanatical about swinging flies. Everything else was lower down on the evolutionary chain from their art.

Patience Is a Virtue – REALLY? Tiger Muskie Fishing

Let’s face it, fishing is synonymous with patience; if you don’t have it, a fisherperson you will not make. However, fishing for tiger muskie elevates patience to a whole higher dimension.

Winter Carp Bait Secrets Of Maximizing Homemade Boilie And Paste Success!

Can you maximize your results in cold water by harnessing the power of some of the most essential processes and substances carp use every day? The answer is yes and some of these edges can be boosted to a huge degree to improve your success and most often produce very instant big fish catch results on both homemade and ready made baits boosted in these very special ways! Read on and get this essential information right now!

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