Zale’s vs. Red Snapper June 2011

This is my son Zale catching a Red Snapper off the texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Great Day of Salmon Fishing On the Feather River

Last week me and three of my buddies headed over to the Feather River for a day of fishing. Now being a bass fisherman, I had never fished in a large river before and the thought of it was both scary and exciting.

4 Different Types Of Fishing Lures And Their Uses

Despite the hundreds of different fishing lures available, there are only some used for specific purposes. For instance, a trout lure is very different from a bass lure. Each of these hooks requires a specific type of hooks for different species of fish. Additionally, knowing how to tie hooks securely to fishing line is also important. Improper line knots can result in the loss of a catch.

The Wide Variety of Salt Water Fish Species That Inhabit in the Waters Surrounding the Florida Keys

The great diversity and number of game fish species that inhabits in the waters of the Straits of Florida had made the Florida Keys one of the places where more salt water fishing records had been established in the world. Game fish is the term used when referring to the fish chased by the sport and recreational anglers. And game fish we got!

How to Choose the Bait Caster Reel That Is Best for You

By correctly choosing the best baitcasting reels you will not only see increased casting accuracy and improved smoothness and functionality, but you will get: 1. Adaptability to various baits (resulting in improved presentation of those baits); 2. Better engineering, materials and craftsmanship (making the reels last longer); and 3. Better re-sale value.

Different Types Of Boat Fishing Rods

Boat fishing rods, also referred to as fishing poles are used for the sole purpose of catching fish. They are made using various materials including; carbon fiber composite, bamboo or glass fiber composite. Fishing is an activity that is enjoyed by many and for the experts; it is very easy to choose the best rod. However, for the beginner, the process of choosing a rod might be a bit tricky.

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