Savage Salt – Savage Gear – Surface Walker Lure

After hearing about these lures I went and purchased a few and although I have not fished with one yet , I have been trying the action and casting them and MY WORD do they fly .. you have to try one to actually see how many yards they fly . A bullet is an understatement.. I can not wait to use these in the new year when we can target our spiky friends.. I know people that have used one already with great success and even catching garfish and mackerel on them .. that’s enough for me 👍🏻

What You Need to Tie Your Own Flies

Tying your own flies can be a rewarding hobby. There is nothing better then making your own fly and catching a giant trout in your own creation. In this article we explore what you need to tie your own flies.

Preparing for a Fly Fishing Trip

Bait, line, tackle, gear and everything else that goes with a fishing trip. The list is endless of the things that you need to prepare for. Hopefully this article will help you prepare for your next fishing trip.

The Top 3 Ways To Catch A Rainbow Trout

Now that the spring is upon us many people will begin to turn their collective attention towards the sport of fishing and in many areas one form of fishing stands out above all others when it comes to spring fishing and that form of fishing would be fishing for trout. The most popular and abundant species of trout is by far the rainbow trout and in this article I will draw upon my own personal experience fishing for these beautiful fish to list the tops 3 ways to catch a rainbow trout.

Fly Fishing for Beginning Fishermen

Fly fishing and line fishing is completely different. Two completely different hobbies for two different kind of fishermen.

4 Reasons To Fish With Soft Plastic Bait – Catching Bigger Fish

For many years I had an unreasonable aversion to using soft baits to catch fish. Because of the persistence of my grandson, I am now firmly a big fan of soft plastic baits and do not fish much with other kinds of bait anymore. Soft bait fishing popularity has grown in leaps and bounds, mainly because of an explosion in tackle and techniques. Here are enough reasons for you to give it a try.

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