Best bass Lures and a COMPETITION to win RAPALA lures

Well this season was brilliant and these were my go to and best performing lures ..
three topwaters and three divers

if you can get hold of any .. GET THEM..
also checkout the facebook group saltwater lure fishing

Fishing in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys: For those who’ve ever dreamt of drinking ‘the life to the least’ by making an adventurous trip to one of the most diversified place on earth, by laying the soul on to the ever warm lap of nature to get back the feeling lost in the mechanized life or by going wild with some blood-curdling fishing experiences in an anglers dream world, Florida keys are out there to let your dream touch down the reality. In the southernmost part of the USA, Florida Keys stand as an island archipelago on the Strait of Florida where the Atlantic…

Advanced Carp Fishing

Eventually when you have mastered your fishing you may decide it’s time to step up to Advanced Carp Fishing. Here the fun really begins! Once you become a seasoned leisure carp angler you may decide to take it to the next level. Advanced Carp Fishing is where the fun really starts!

Wading For Rainbow Trout

If you like wading and fishing for rainbow trout, this article is for you. Great tips and tricks that will make you more successful.

7 Tips Every Fisherman Should Know

So you enjoy fishing. Whether you’re a casual fan or die hard veteran angler, it’s in your blood. When you head out onto the water, these 7 tips might help you more than you know.

Is Fishing Dangerous? What You Need to Know to Know About Rock Fishing

Generally speaking, fishing is not considered a dangerous sport. It’s a common sport or leisure activity, be it angler fishing or deep sea. Each type of fishing comes with its own risks and precautions that should be taken, but most often, many are unaware of the dangers involved in certain types of fishing and in certain areas.

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