rotten bottom sea fishing

Well this is my version of a rotten bottom that works all the time and will save you penny’s and I guarantee you already have them in your box ..

credit to mike a friend for showing me

Planer Boards, An Alternative To Fishing Shoulder

Fishing with a planer board can take some of disadvantages of casting out of fishing. Read more for an explanation about planer boards and how to use them correctly.

Take a Fish Test – True or False

Have you sharpened your pencil? All right, here comes the first question. Is it true that trout have narrow feeding lanes and will seldom move more than a foot for food unless it is scarce and they are really hungry?

Spin Fishing For Trout – 3 Can’t Miss Trout Fishing Techniques

Although when many people think of the term “trout fishing” they think of fly fishing, the truth is that fishing with flies isn’t the only way to catch a trout. Although fly fishing is undoubtedly an effective way to catch trout, many fly fishermen tend to scoff at the idea of fishing for these beautiful fish with any other technique, especially if that technique involves the use of spin fishing gear. The problem with this attitude is that nothing could be farther from the truth.

2012 Mississippi Offshore Fishing Tournaments

When it starts to heat up along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, out of storage come the boats and up go the saltwater tournament banners. Besides more than a dozen small CCA tournaments and fishing club events, there are many huge competitions with millions of dollars on the line for professionals and talented amateurs alike. Grab your calendar and look at whats in store for 2012.

Black Marlin Locations

Black marlin have a place in fishing folklore all of their own, as do blue marlin, and they have both been immortalized by writers like Ernest Hemmingway and Zane Grey. Almost exclusively existing in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of both the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the black marlin is a highly migratory, pelagic species of fish.

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