Catching Bait on a Sabiki Rig

This is a quick video of catching some live fishing bait (Bar-Jacks) on a Sabiki Rig near some weed lines.
This is a great way to quickly catch a lot of live bait for fishing…

How to Buy Wader Boots

Fly fishing has become very popular. A good pair of wader boots helps with comfort while fishing in rivers and lakes. This article helps with purchase of wader boots.

Carp Fishing and the Lost Art of Watercraft

I recently spent a week carp fishing with a good friend of mine who is a master of the art of watercraft, an art which seems to be largely lost in the modern world of carp angling. It is something that rarely features in the press as it does not promote any products. Without some basic watercraft techniques, catching carp at a tricky venue can be very difficult indeed.

Trout Bait Tips – The Best Bait Choice For Each Season

Choosing the proper bait when fishing for trout is of the utmost importance. This article provides tips for each season.

Monster Tarpon Fishing At Night

Nighttime monster tarpon fishing is guaranteed to increase your adrenalin flow. Here are some insights to help make your trip a successful one!

Trout Fishing Techniques – Drift Fishing 101

An introductory look at the trout fishing technique known as drift fishing. A technique that every spin fishing trout fisherman should know.

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