Catching garfish at Weymouth

Went for the weekend down Weymouth to see a good friend and I was told that the garfish were in .. so a quick visit to chesil bait and tackle … spoke to a lovely gent called Richard and pointed me towards some lovely little jigs … and my gosh did they do the trick … many thanks gents .. I had a lovely day with over 13 garfish and lost a lot more ..
All fish took the jigs on the drop as it flutters through the water column..

Catch More Fish With Lures

Fishing, in its simplest explanation, is simply placing a hook and bait in front of a hungry fish and outwitting the fish into biting. So how does one outwit a hungry fish? Simple, by using a lure. A lure is the use of an imitation prey fish to provoke or lure a larger fish into biting it.

The Sewin Flies of Wales

The sewin (Sea Trout) flies often used by Welsh anglers at the turn of the nineteenth century were comparable to those used for brown trout fishing during the same period. The rational behind this was the general belief by anglers that sewin were biologically similar to brown trout.

Trout Fishing Destinations in Ireland

Are you planning to go trout fishing in Ireland? Here are some of the best locations in the country where you can find Irish trout as well as other game fish that made Ireland famous.

Trolling Motors: Position Yourself for Fishing Greatness

Boat control is critical when fishing in the shallows and in heavy weed edges. An electric trolling motor offers the boat control that will place you in position to catch more fish than ever before.

Trout Fishing With Kids

Kids who have had an opportunity to go trout fishing and learn how to fish, will typically remember these pleasurable experiences for a lifetime. Trout fishing can be great for all ages, but there are some real important things you should keep in mind when fishing with kids.

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