How to Rig a Lure For Weedless Fishing

This is just a quick video to show anglers how to rig your soft plastics to make them weedless.

you can also purchase weighted Weedless hooks .. but I vary rarely use them on the lures I use .🤘🏻
Always match the correct hook size to the lure you are using..


A Do Not Miss Saltwater Boating Opportunity

Have you ever been taken to a candystore as a child? You know that enthusiasm that rises up in your every cell, that excitement that can’t be contained, that is the exact same feeling I get as I drive down to Miami, in the middle of February and know I am in transit to the finest, best and most audacious power-boatshow on the planet! There you are driving down that ribbon of highway, known as I-95 south and the palpitations start……

Lake Trout Fishing in Montana’s Flathead Lake, The Largest Natural Freshwater Lake in the West!

Flathead Lake fishing in May is not for the faint of heart! Weather changes occur rapidly, and along with making it hard to stay warm enough, or cool enough, it makes the fish turn on and off like light switches.

More Joy in Bringing Your Catch to the Table With an Electric Fish Scaler

Fishing is a popular pastime and while there are many who prefer the catch and release method, there are those that much prefer to keep their catch and use it for lunch or dinner. In spite of that, there are a few things that you will need to be wary of. For example, you will discover that when you need to clean a fish, it can become very messy. There are two issues that stem directly from cleaning your own fish, of course. For one, you will actually discover that in cleaning your own fish you stand a chance of hurting yourself. You might be great with a knife but let’s face it, everyone slips at some point or another. In addition to that, it’s just plain messy.

Fishing By Remote – Wireless Stealth Angling

Using an i pilot remote to guide your boat using GPS technology to that hot spot is the modern way of catching champion fish. You get to keep both hands free when using your fishing rod resulting in better controlled presentation. Meanwhile the remote steers your boat by itself.

Mississippi Mahi Mahi

Not to be confused with the saltwater marine mammal of the same name, the dolphin fish is absolutely delicious. More correctly referred to as mahi mahi and dorado, but also nicknamed flip-flops, blockheads, and greenies; these offshore fighters are great fun to catch. One of the most distinctive fish in the sea, the dolphin is a good fighter, a colorful trophy, and a great dinner.

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