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Alaska Fly In Fishing From the Kenai Peninsula

A comprehensive look at one day fly in fishing options from the Kenai Peninsula in south Central Alaska. Departing from North Kenai, the options are endless depending on your budget and the time of year. Do your homework on where to go and when.

Canvas Tent Maintenance

A well cared for canvas tent can provide a lifetime of camping fun. Canvas tents are often much more expensive than nylon tents and should be cared for to ensure the investment lasts a long time. Canvas tents are extremely durable and thus generally require minimal maintenance.

Montauk Has More to Offer Than Only Striped Bass

Montauk has much more to offer than only striped bass. In this article we provide an overview of the Montauk fish species (inshore and offshore).

Simple Fishing Tips and Why You Might Be A Fanatic

Tips and tricks for anglers who enjoy the sport as a family hobby. Using your hobby to impart life lessons on your kids.

Catfish Noodling – You Can Find Them On Your Own, I Can Tell You How!

Catfish noodling can be a very difficult and dangerous sport to learn on your own. The rocky areas of the lake where slate rock is often found are great spots to look for spawning catfish. You can actually make your own “catfish spawning beds” for the catfish to lay their eggs in. Conservation of the catfish and their fry should be at the forefront of this sport, so the sport and catfish continue to thrive into the future.

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