How to set up weedless lures like slug-go , senko , eels

How to rig up your weedless lures with no effort and complications… I use eels, senko worms , slug-go , and shads and many more this way… I can fish hard to the bottom and not lose any tackle … unless it’s like a graveyard… then I’m extra careful but I never have lost a weedless set up just yet 😉

How to Use Solid Body Crappie Tube Jigs

Solid body crappie tube jigs are a huge crappie catching secret. Many people who specialize in fishing for these fish will tell you that the tube jig is a sure fire way to catch more crappie. So how do you use these tubes?

How to Fish for Rainbow Trout in a Lake

Rainbow Trout stocked in lakes can be lured in to an angler’s position and excited to the point where they attack your bait every cast into the water. You can catch rainbow trout from a lake if you use the right attractants and fish with a proper trout rig. Stocked trout is one of the ultimate inland angling treasures – an unbridled flurry of raging frantic energy at the end of your line.

Fishing – What Is Cane Fishing?

The most exciting fishing in the world of sports, cane fishing is simple, inexpensive and a thrill for all anglers. Cane Pole Fishing offers up-close-and-personal, one-on-one attachment to the fish and angler offering direct connection to the fish. Some view this is simple, others view Cane Pole Fishing as the ultimate method to catch many fish. A Cane Pole holds the world record for fish caught in a 24-hour period at 2,361 fish.

Tips For Fishing For Stocked Trout

As the winter begins to wind down and warmer weather starts to become more of a reality fishermen begin to get antsy. Nowhere is this fact more true than with people who fish for trout because during the springtime trout fishing starts to creep to the forefront of many fisherman’s minds. In many areas of the country this means one thing, fishing for stocked trout.

Working Fish Attractants, Do They Exist and What Exactly Are They?

“Do fish attractants work”, A question that has been asked numerous times among many groups and tackle shop customers. The details of what fish attractants really are, are answered quickly with a look at the ingredients. The debate about whether these products truly work or not, wont be solved here or anytime soon, but we can give you what we have found from our use and studies of basic freshwater tackle.

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