How to bait up using ragworm

Well I like using big ragworm baits and this is a nice quick easy way that I find doing it , sometimes gives you that edge compared to using one worm 👍🏻

A Great Opportunity for Some Winter Time Trout Fishing

Most of us are not lucky enough to live where we can trout fish year round. This year the warm weather has provided us with several chances to do some great wintertime fishing. Many of the largest fish are caught in very cold conditions. Give winter trout fishing a try.

Do You Feed Your Carp In The Winter?

“Do you feed your carp in winter?” We often get asked this by guests taking their fishing holidays at our carp lakes in France. With what and when do our lake owners feed the carp, especially in the winter, and how do they know how much to put in?

Why Choose a Custom Fishing Rod Versus a Production Fishing Rod?

Why choose a custom fishing rod? Unlike the thousands of rods that are sold off the shelf, a custom fishing rod is produced to your specifications and in simplest terms, this equates to “freedom of choice” to meet your angling requirements. The factors that classify a “custom fishing rod” as truly “customized” is the level of detail, care, attention, and most importantly, the handcrafting and hand-tuning which ensure seamless design and interaction between individual rod components for your “one-of-a-kind” fishing rod. Make no mistake, there is no comparison between a store bought (factory-made) fishing rod (i.e., an “off-the-shelf” rod) and a custom fishing rod and this article draws some insightful comparison of the two types of fishing rods: custom fishing rods versus production, or “Off-The Shelf (OTS)” fishing rods.

What Is the Alabama Rig? How Is It Used? What Fishing Rod Should I Choose?

This article describes the new innovation in the fishing tackle industry, the Alabama Rig (or A-Rig), and explains how this fishing lure is used by anglers. Additionally, this Alabama Rig article includes a brief discussion of recommended fishing equipment to include line, reel, and fishing rods.

G Loomis Fishing Rods – An Honest Review

Of the many available fishing rods in the market, G Loomis Fishing Rods are among the all-time favorites. It is said that the kind of fishing rod that a person uses defines what kind of fisherman he is. This has always been a belief in the industry given that the fishing rod is the most important gear that one can bring during a fishing trip besides the boat, of course

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